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America's Fastest-Growing Settlement Funding Company

For settlements,

our resource has funded settlements and shown better ways to fight the case in which the settlements were higher. Pre-settlement funding is a good option if you need money while waiting for trial - as long as your case looks like it should win. Our legal team looks the case over for strength in order to fund it (you can use the funds to build your case to be stronger). If you have won a settlement, and are awaiting the payment of funds, we can advance you the settlement in many cases if it is allowed. The settlement situation needs to be transferable and allowed, and against some sort of "secure" entity that will pay - a government agency, a municipality, an insurance company, or some like organization with equity and strength to make the payments. We cannot fund on individuals who are to pay out - they often never make payment. ***Because we carry all the risk on pre-settlement funding (if you don't win the settlement, you don't pay it back), it can be an expensive option - ask only for what you "need" - not for what you "want."

A Lawsuit Advance can help you with your cash needs and take the financial stress off of you:  
Fast - as little as in 24 hours in certain cases
Easy Application
No risk to you (non-recourse)
No up-front fees - nothing out of your pocket
No monthly payment
Low rates
Does not depend on your credit situation (unless in bankruptcy)
Structured Settlement advances are available - they take more time to process through the courts.