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Firm Profile and History

we are NOT one of those "cash-flow" TV infomercial companies - we never trained with them or looked into their program - we trained directly with funders and attorneys and built this business up using ONLY credible and ethical funding resources (not via any type of program). We do not stand in line for weeks waiting for our cases to be reviewed by all-too-busy funders. We have a personal relationship with both funders and clients. We work with attorneys and funders who have been in the business for awhile, and who have the resources to work quickly without getting bogged down. Not many advance settlement funding companies have been around since 1997, which is when we started the funding business.

Advance lawsuit funding is an old concept - people have lent relatives and friends money to help them get by until a lawsuit or insurance settlement pays - and then the relative or friend would be paid back.

See our FAQ With LEGAL CASH FUNDING, now anyone who qualifies can get an advance from funders - making it less personal, causing less stress on relationships, and allowing those without the option of friends or family (with money to spare) to get the monetary help they need. This type of advance has only been available since the 90's - once court constraints were figured out in how to handle an advance. Early on, there were many instances of funders getting hit with cases that didn't pay back - and that put several out of business. The advance process is more streamlined now, more secure, and faster.

When we take on your case, we work with you to make it pay - if the case is "doable" - we will get it done as fast as we can. We are ethical, and we stand behind our quotes (pending approval of the paperwork and situation being legitimate to do) - we don't give phony quotes just to get your business, as is known to happen. And we fund your situation within a reasonable time, barring delay by attorneys and courts. We want your trust.

We are among the fastest in advance funding on cases that are doable. We are ethical, trustworthy, and care.

Partial or total purchase of settlement or asset as described below (no lawsuit settlement can be purchased in full):


and expenses piling up.

You Need Money While While you Recover From  A Injury


Easy application process, quick response, NO up-front fee or obligation to apply. Evaluation and funding arranged in as little as 24-72 hours, with closing possible within 1-5 days - for certain cases - usually 1-2 weeks (or longer in certain cases). We have heart (and we say prayers for you - as many are suffering and out of work), and try to help as much as possible with your situation. There is NO fee or obligation to apply. Just fill out our FREE APPLICATION FORM.

If you have any questions CONTACT US  

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