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I know waiting for your lawsuit to settle can be almost more frustrating than dealing with the issues that brought on the suit in the first place. You need money now! While the lawyers battle it out in the courtroom, you still have bills and expenses piling up.

You've probably considered just settling for a lesser amount instead of waiting for the case to finish. You need the money now. That's where we come in. We can provide you a portion of the money you need now!

We'll review your case and decide if we can provide you up to $500,000 now!

Everyday there are thousands of lawsuits filed nationwide. And many of them are settled early for way too little money. Why? Because insurance companies and lawyers know that the longer they stall, the more likely the plaintiff will run out of money and will settle the case for pennies on the dollar.

Don't let this happen to you. There is an alternative.

It's Legal Cash Consultants and it could be the answer to your prayers. It's not a loan… it's a non-recourse cash advance.  

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You can get funding for up to about 10% of the amount you are suing for. For example, if you are suing for $500,000, you could be advanced as much as $50,000. So if you're a plaintiff in a lawsuit for:

Motor Vehicle Accidents
•Product Liability
• slip and fall accident
• discrimination
• wrongful employment termination
Medical Malpractice
• commercial liabilities

  Personal Injury Cases

Don't let the waiting game cost you a fortune. Now you can wait them out and get all the money you deserve.


Our Services

0Lawsuit cash advance is the solution you’re looking for. Imagine being able to have your settlement now. You won’t have to keep saying to yourself, “Just two more months.” No more heart-break and stress when the money “still hasn’t arrived”. You’ll have your money NOW—because that’s when you need it, right?

You’ve come to the right place: you can get your lawsuit loan quickly–and at the lowest rates. Best of all, with My Legal Advance, you don’t pay anything until you win your case–if you lose your case, you don’t owe anything.

Why wait? A lawsuit cash

advance and lawsuit loan is the solution you’ve been looking for. Fill out the quick form to the right and get started today!

No up-front fees. No credit checks. No employment checks. No payments until your case settles. If you don’t win, you don’t pay anything!

Just think, a a lawsuit cash advance is better than other ways of borrowing money–this is because your only borrowing against money that’s already coming to you. And if that money never settles, you don’t owe us anything. That’s much better than borrowing on credit cards or taking personal loans where you have to pay the money back no matter what, right?

Medical Malpractice can result in severe complications - when injuries occur, you are often unable to work or get the medical attention you need due to money constraints. A doctor or hospital procedure may have been done wrong - and you have the right to sue for medical malpractice. These types of cases can often drag out over time, making it hard for you to make ends meet.

Medical Malpractice can include horrific circumstances:
leaving surgical equipment inside a person after surgery,
mis-diagnosing a medical situation,
administering the wrong medication,
switching identities of people and doing the wrong procedure on someone,

and many other stories of personal horror.

Don't worry - we'll try to help you get the money you need now. We care about you and your situation. We want to see you less stressed over finances - be able to get on with your life, and take the time to fight your lawsuit well, without being pressured for a lesser settlement. Medical malpractice advance funding can offer you this time, and get your finances back on track.

Are You Settling For Less Than You’re Worth?

Lawsuits and insurance settlement awards – are you getting pressured to settle for less than what your case is worth?

When you are involved in a lawsuit, everyone is looking out for his or her best interest – not necessarily yours. The attorney often wants his payment as soon as he can get it, and will settle for less if he can turn out more cases in less time. The opposing party always wants to pay as little as possible, and get the case over with. You, on the other hand, may be looking at bills piling up, and you can’t afford to wait for the time it takes to fight for the case worth, especially if your attorney isn’t motivated to fight for you.

You should not have to settle for less – the attorneys and other party know that if they can make you hang on long enough, you will finally settle for a lesser amount, just to get some money. They figure that you will eventually give up and give in – they will be able to pay you less than you originally demanded, and they have been able to hold onto their money, gaining interest, the entire time of the wait.

You have options – you can take the lesser settlement, be done with the case, and move on with your life. Or you can borrow money from family or take out a loan against your home. Or you can get advance funding on your pending lawsuit or insurance payment. This option has been available for years – family members have been loaning money to others with the promise of being paid back as soon as the case settles and pays.

In the last decade or so, funders have stepped up and are advancing cash to people, putting a lien on the lawsuit settlement terms in order to be paid back. No money is paid up front; it allows the client to wait for a larger amount, and it allows a client to receive proper medical attention while waiting for a case to settle (or to get ahead on bills, or to gain time and resources to properly fight for your rightful award).

The advantage to a lawsuit advance is that there is no long process, as in applying for a conventional bank loan. Your credit rating is not a factor, and the advance can get processed and in your hands within days. The application process is simple, and no up front payment is required, or should not be required (if it is, find a different funder!).

Look for a funding company that will work with you fast – not string you along for weeks. Look for low rates, nothing in the 10-15% range – that is gouging and when you need money, you do not need to be taken advantage of. Make sure all terms are explained to you up front, so there are no surprises.

Advance lawsuit or insurance funding is an option that can help you get back on your feet – buy you the time you need to get your life, health and finances, back in order. Don’t settle for less just because you are being pressured – fight for your entitled amount.


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